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Here are 3 key tips which will better assist your decision making in choosing the right family law solicitor for your case.

3 Tips You Need to Know When Choosing a Family Law Solicitor

Family Law matters can be an emotionally daunting and a challenging experience for all parties involved. For this reason, it is extremely important that you choose a family law solicitor who will be able to provide you with valuable legal advice and assistance during this difficult time. Here are 3 key tips which will better… Read More

prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial Agreements – What You Need to Know

It has become extremely common for couples to enter into prenuptial agreements which is formally known as a ‘binding financial agreement’. The idea of talking about the end of your marriage before it has even begun can be rather daunting and intimidating. While no one ever plans for divorce, it can happen. What is a… Read More

Obtaining an Injunction

Obtaining an Injunction Against the Relocation of a Child

An ‘injunction’ is a court order that requires a party to do something or refrain from doing something. Failing to comply with an injunction can result in criminal or civil penalties, which can result in serving an imprisonment sentence. A parent is entitled to seek an injunction from the Family Court to prevent their child… Read More

Five Things to Do when Leaving your Relationship

Before You Walk Out the Door – Five Things to Do When Leaving Your Relationship

There are five important things to do before leaving your relationship. In Australia, de facto relationships are recognised by law, therefore when de facto or married couples split, there are legal considerations which must be dealt with before ‘walking out the door’. 1. Gather Important Documents and Protect your Information Before leaving the family or… Read More

grandparents role in family law matters

The Role of Grandparents in Family Law Matters

Grandparents are very special people in children’s lives and play a significant role in family law matters. The Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) contains provisions allowing grandparents rights in relation to their grandchildren. Rights of Grandparents under the Family Law Act The Family Law recognises that children have the right to maintain regular communication with people… Read More