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What is compulsory acquisition?

What is Compulsory Acquisition?

New infrastructure in Sydney is continuously being developed to keep up with the demands of a growing population. To build such infrastructure, a public authority – such as the New South Wales government or a local council – may compulsorily acquire some or all of your property to create the space necessary for new construction…. Read More

Registering a trade mark in australia

Registering a Trade Mark in Australia

The advantage of registering a trade mark is that it confers far more benefits than registering a business name, company name or domain name. Marketing is an important business tool, and a registered trade mark is crucial in allowing you to protect any value or credibility which you have built on your brand.  What is… Read More

email privacy at work

Who owns the emails you send at work?

Workplace surveillance and email monitoring have become the norm in organisations across Australia. However, many employees still do not understand their obligations or their rights when it comes to the use of computer technology in the workplace. Another issue arising out of the use of digital communication in the workplace is who owns correspondence that… Read More

estate planning, women talking

Estate Planning: What is an Estate Plan?

An estate plan involves more than just preparing and signing a Will. Estate planning requires a holistic approach in considering a person’s present circumstances and foreseeable future. A plan needs to consider who matters, what you have now, what you may have in years to come, and what your final wishes will be. Your lawyer’s… Read More

trademark registration

10 Reasons Why You Should Register a Trade Mark

A trade mark (or “mark”) is a way of identifying a unique product or service. It can include a letter, number, word, phrase, sound, smell, shape, logo, picture, aspect of packaging or a combination of these that distinguishes your goods and/or services from competitors. Your trade mark is an important asset to building and maintaining… Read More