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The Influence of a Child’s Perspective when making Parenting Orders

The Influence of a Child’s Perspective when making Parenting Orders

When children are involved in a separation or divorce, a court may make parenting orders in relation to time each parent spends with their child. These orders are made when the parents have made a genuine effort to engage in family dispute resolution or pre-action measures (such as counselling or mediation), and have made reasonable… Read More

The importance of Trademarks Blog post - Image of burger and fries

Legal Pickles, Bun Fights and the Importance of Trade marks

Trade marks on the Grill The famous Australian burger chain known as Grill’d released a contentious advertising campaign to promote its healthy fried chicken (“HFC”) burger range. This case highlights the way in which slogans derivative of a competitor can be legally used. Grill’d used their ad to attack the quality of KCF’s burgers. In… Read More

Pet Custody Disputes Arising from Divorce or Separation

Pet Custody Disputes Arising from Divorce or Separation

Divorce or separation has a significant impact on all members of the family, including our beloved pets. Approximately 61% of Australian households have at least one pet and, in the event of a divorce or separation, pet custody can be a significant issue in the dispute due to the considerable emotional attachment we have to… Read More

Self-Managed Super Fund

The Pros and Cons of choosing a Self-Managed Super Fund

Superannuation is a large component of building long-term wealth and retirement planning. Self-managed super funds are becoming increasingly popular as the investment structure for those who prefer greater autonomy and control over how their funds are being invested and accumulated. However, whilst self-managed super funds can be effective for building wealth and minimising tax burdens,… Read More

declaring bankruptcy

The Consequences of Declaring Yourself Bankrupt

Bankruptcy is a legal process which an individual can apply for if they are unable to pay their debts on time. Bankruptcy provides temporal relief to the bankrupt individual so they may address the majority of their debts and attempt to make a fresh start. Although the benefits of declaring bankruptcy seem appealing, this article… Read More