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employee or contractor?

Employee or Contractor – Do you know the difference?

It’s important for all businesses to have systems in place to determine whether workers should be classified an employee or independent contractor, as tax, super and other government obligations are different depending on whether the working arrangement is employment or contracting. Employees generally have PAYG withholding, superannuation (and occasionally fringe benefits tax) paid by the… Read More

companies, business structure, a company

Business Structures: Companies

This article looks at companies – how to set one up and the pros and cons of a company structure. When commencing a business venture, it is necessary to consider the most appropriate type of business structure to put in place. Different business structures have different benefits and disadvantages. Key Features of Companies A company… Read More

Relocation after separation

Relocation After Separation – What you need to know

In family law, one issue which may arise in a children’s matter is ‘relocation’. Relocation is the legal term for moving with your child to another town, state or country after a divorce or separation. Relocation may raise issues in relation to parenting arrangements if the moving interferes with the ability of the non-relocating parent… Read More

grandparents laughing with their grandchildren

Grandparents: Saving your rights to see your grandchildren

If you are a grandparent and face the sad circumstance of a break up in your family group, through separation or unforeseen events, you may be worried about your right to continue seeing much-loved grandchildren. Unfortunately, some grandparents only see their grandchildren at crowded school events or from the sideline at sporting occasions. In Australia,… Read More

challenging a will for charity

Challenging a Will when the beneficiaries have been changed

Through persistence and dedication, Etheringtons Solicitors successfully challenged a Will and recovered a significant sum for the rightful beneficiary, a Children’s Charity. A married couple with no children or relatives executed mirror Wills and left everything to a good cause – a charity for children. When the wife passed away, unbeknownst to the charity, the… Read More