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Informal Loans To Family And Friends

Is Money From Family a Gift or a Loan When Separating?

It is becoming increasingly common that couples receive financial assistance from their parents. This can be through transfer of property, the giving of money or both. This assistance is becoming progressively prevalent due to rising prices within the property market which has meant that many couples are unable to enter the market without assistance from… Read More

making a child support agreement

Making a Child Support Agreement

Child support agreements are contractual arrangements between parents or non-parent carers to enable financial support for their children. The Child Support Scheme was introduced by the Australian government in 1998 to ensure the adequacy of court ordered child maintenance. Child Support is payable for all children living in Australia (up to the age of 18 years)… Read More

Family Law and Schools in Australia

Family Law and Schools

Family law issues such as managing separated families and their complex family law arrangements can be difficult for schools to navigate at the best of times, however, these issues become increasingly intricate with the addition of COVID-19 regulations around distancing and limiting travel. This blog will explore some of the common family law questions and… Read More

understanding a commercial lease

Understanding a Commercial Lease

When renting a property from which you intend to run a business, it is important for both Landlords and Tenants to understand the relationship they are entering into and the rights and obligations that they each have. The document that governs this relationship is usually a Commercial Lease. So, what is a Commercial Lease? A… Read More

The financial risk in giving personal guarantees in leases

The financial risk in giving personal guarantees in leases

If you are a director of a company entering a commercial or retail lease, a landlord will likely require you to give a personal guarantee for the company’s obligations under the lease. In such cases, directors should fully comprehend the extent of the guarantee they are providing and obtain appropriate legal advice to minimise financial… Read More