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Uber breach - privacy

Uber Breached its Privacy Obligations to Users

The Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner has found that Uber failed to protect the personal data of Australians following a cyber-attack in 2016. It was found that Uber paid the attackers a reward and required them to subsequently destroy the data. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner made an investigation into whether Uber’s… Read More

Lorna Jane fined

Misleading or Deceptive Conduct: The Case of Lorna Jane

On the 23rd of July 2021, the Federal Court ordered Lorna Jane Pty Ltd to pay $5 million in fines for making false and misleading claims to consumers in relation to its “LJ Shield Activewear” line of products. The company admitted that in July of 2020, it falsely represented that the activewear “stopped the spread”… Read More

Single parent wills and estate planning

Estate Planning For Single Parents

Single parent families now represent 14% of all Australian families, with a majority of their children being under the age of 18. Being a single parent can be difficult financially, therefore, it is important to ensure that your financial affairs and estate plan are in place to protect your children should something ever happen to… Read More

casual workers entitlements

High Court’s decision to reject backpay to Casual Workers

The High Court of Australia had recently reversed the decision to grant casual workers the right to be paid leave entitlements. Dismissing these payments would force workers to be ineligible to receive payments for annual, sick or other types of leave. The unanimous ruling had been made following appeals that concluded that workers who were… Read More

cash in hand

The Legality of Cash in Hand Wages in Australia

Some businesses choose to pay their employees cash in hand wages rather than transferring them to a nominated bank account. Whilst this method is generally believed to be illegal, that is not necessarily the case. Employers must meet their obligations to their employees and the government, whether they make payment in cash or otherwise. This… Read More