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grandparents laughing with their grandchildren

Grandparents: Saving your rights to see your grandchildren

If you are a grandparent and face the sad circumstance of a break up in your family group, through separation or unforeseen events, you may be worried about your right to continue seeing much-loved grandchildren. Unfortunately, some grandparents only see their grandchildren at crowded school events or from the sideline at sporting occasions. In Australia,… Read More

challenging a will for charity

Challenging a Will when the beneficiaries have been changed

Through persistence and dedication, Etheringtons Solicitors successfully challenged a Will and recovered a significant sum for the rightful beneficiary, a Children’s Charity. A married couple with no children or relatives executed mirror Wills and left everything to a good cause – a charity for children. When the wife passed away, unbeknownst to the charity, the… Read More

starting a business, small business

Starting a business: An overview of common business structures

Are you considering starting a business? There are four main types of business structures for conducting business in Australia, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. A person can carry on business as a sole trader, partnership, trust and/or company. The choice of business structure is an important decision to make at the start of… Read More

property division and separation

Will I get 50% of everything in a property division?

Following a separation, the law seeks to answer four key questions in order to ascertain how assets will be divided between the parties to a separation. 1. What is the net asset pool of the parties? In order to determine the asset pool of the parties, a balance sheet, which sets out in detail the… Read More