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Binding Financial Agreements

Case Study: When Binding Financial Agreements Aren’t Enforceable

A binding financial agreement also commonly referred to as a ‘pre-nuptial agreement’ is an agreement which can allow for certainty, trust, and peace of mind in a relationship. However, the High Court has made it clear in a recent case that it will not enforce any binding financial agreements as a consequence of unconscionable conduct,… Read More

property settlement after separation

The Five Step Approach to Property Settlement after Separation

One of the fundamental issues which require addressing during the process of a breakdown of marriage or de-facto relationship is the subject of a ‘property settlement’. A property settlement is an arrangement which is made between the separating parties when dividing assets, liabilities and financial resources (such as a trust, bank deposits or future inheritance)…. Read More

Defamation on Social media - looking at phone

Defamation – Be Careful What You Say On Social Media

Not many people are aware of the risks associated with posting on social media. Popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are not safe spaces to vent your thoughts. In fact in a recent defamation case, the defendant was ordered to pay a staggering amount in damages for his post on Twitter. In… Read More

changes to modern awards 2020, covid-19

Modern Awards – An Update, June 2020

Several modern awards have been significantly varied by the Fair Work Commission (‘FWC’) to grant businesses and employees temporary measures to preserve the ongoing viability of businesses and jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the unpaid pandemic leave and annual leave flexibility that has varied over 99 awards since 8 April 2020, the… Read More