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Protecting Property Using an Injunction

In hostile property settlements, one partner may seek to dispose of property or other assets to prevent them from being included in the asset pool and distributed. This only adds to the existing emotional and financial burden parties experience during separation. If your former partner is seeking to dispose of assets prior to a property… Read More

Covid 19 Related Fines

How to challenge a COVID-19 related fine

COVID-19 Restrictions (as of July 13, 2021) Restrictions on movement for people in Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong have been extended until 11:59pm on Friday, July 16 following the Public Health (COVID-19 Temporary Movement and Gathering Restrictions) Order 2021 (and its amendments) under the Public Health Act 2010 (NSW) section 7…. Read More

COVID-19 vaccination

Does Unvaccinated Equal Unemployed?

In light of the most recent COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney, there is widespread discourse surrounding the vaccine rollout in Australia. Whilst the COVID-19 vaccination is currently voluntary, the NSW Government has recognised there may be future circumstances in which proof of vaccination is necessary; for example, border entry or intrastate travel. Further, many industries such… Read More

Dividing Assets when Divorcing Later in Life

Dividing Assets when Divorcing Later in Life

The recent separation of technology mogul, Bill Gates, and his former wife, Melinda Gates, after 27 years of marriage, highlights the increasing trend of ‘grey divorce’ cases. The average age of divorcees in Australia is gradually rising, which is disrupting the retirement plans of many Australians who, after decades of marriage, did not expect to… Read More

Waste of Assets in a Property Settlement?

Who Pays for the Waste of Assets in a Property Settlement?

A fundamental component of a financial or business investment is risk. Adopting risk can reward the investor with higher returns, but at other times, it may result in a significant loss or waste of assets. During a relationship, this risk is shared by both partners, but upon separation, any subsequent investments are subject to assessment… Read More