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I am My Ex-Partner’s Employer. Can I Terminate Their Employment?

It is not uncommon for people to meet their partner in the workplace or employ their spouse or partner in their small business to provide additional support and reduce labour costs. What would happen to their employment if your relationship were to break down? Disputes may arise if your ex-partner starts causing problems in the… Read More

Deceptive Similarity in a Craft beer Trade Mark Dispute

Deceptive Similarity in a Craft Beer Trade Mark Dispute

A trade mark that distinguishes one trader’s goods from another is a valuable asset, however a recent Federal Court case concerning craft beer has demonstrated that registered trade marks are not always protected from cancellation in a trade mark dispute. In the case of Urban Alley Brewery Pty Ltd v La Siréne Pty Ltd [2020]… Read More

Pet Custody Disputes Arising from Divorce or Separation

Pet Custody Disputes Arising from Divorce or Separation

Divorce or separation has a significant impact on all members of the family, including our beloved pets. Approximately 61% of Australian households have at least one pet, and in the event of a divorce or separation, pet custody can be a significant issue in the dispute due to the considerable emotional attachment we have to… Read More

building defect claims

Building defects claims – your building certifier may be liable

When you discover a building defect on your property, your first reaction may be to pursue an action against the builder contracted to complete the work. But what if your builder goes into liquidation and you can no longer bring an action? When your builder goes into liquidation, you become eligible to access the Home… Read More


Australian Consumer Law Update: Extending Protection to More Consumers

The term ‘consumer’ carries with it broad connotation of individuals who purchase goods and services, usually for a relatively low sum. However, with the new Australian Consumer Laws (‘ACL’) set to take effect from 1 July 2021, the definition of a ‘consumer’ could affect a greater number of transactions as they will be covered by… Read More