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Estate Planning: What is an Estate Plan?

An estate plan involves more than just preparing and signing a Will. Estate planning requires a holistic approach in considering a person’s present circumstances and foreseeable future. A plan needs to consider who matters, what you have now, what you may have in years to come, and what your final wishes will be. Your lawyer’s… Read More

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Freezing Orders: Common Misconceptions

We will all be involved in a dispute at some point in our lives. We may even reach a point where we want to take someone to court in order to reach an outcome that we desire. Have you wondered what happens if the other person is not able to pay up if we win… Read More

Buying a home

5 Costs to Factor in When Buying a Home

ATTENTION ALL BUYERS! If you are currently in the process of buying, looking or saving for a house, there are extra costs beyond the property’s price tag that you need to know about. 1. Transfer duty (previously known as stamp duty) When you purchase a property in NSW, you are required to pay transfer duty…. Read More

Building Commissioner for NSW

Mr David Chandler OAM began his position as the NSW Building Commissioner on 14 August 2019. The Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian, has stated that the appointment of a Building Commissioner is a critical part of the NSW Government’s plan to completely reform the building regulations and conduct in NSW. What is the Role of… Read More

Inheritances and Family Law

Families and money can sometimes be a volatile combination. This can be especially complicated when a divorce or separation occurs and a new will isn’t drawn up to reflect the changed circumstances. When is an inheritance an asset for family law purposes? The simple answer is “almost always”. But the answer is not always as… Read More