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COVID-19: Government assistance to Small Businesses and Investors

COVID-19 is having a monumental impact on our economy and on Australian businesses. Given the constantly updating situation, it is easy to be confused about what the government is doing to assist through mechanisms such as tax relief and economic stimulus measures. Rumours and misinformation are rife. In this article we break down what the… Read More

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COVID-19 and Your Business: What You Should Know

COVID-19 has already had a monumental impact on the economy, businesses and the everyday lives of people around the world. Operation of some businesses have been put on hold, business arrangements have been affected and there is a real ambiguity in the community about how we recover and respond to these unprecedented events. In such… Read More

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COVID-19: Employers. What are your options?

Working from home has become the predominant way businesses function given the recent effects of COVID-19 closing many workplaces. But what happens to the employees of a business where the essence of the work requires employee attendance and working from home is not feasible, for example in retail or hospitality? In this article, we explore… Read More

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Writing a Will. Do I need a lawyer?

Writing a Will can ease the stress for both you and your loved ones when you die by providing you with peace of mind in making sure that your loved ones will be provided for when the time comes. However, often people wonder whether it is worth getting a lawyer to write a Will for… Read More

Mobile apps – common intellectual property disputes

Mobile Apps – Common Intellectual Property Disputes

Are you a mobile app developer or someone contracting with a developer to make mobile apps? Are you having issues as to who owns what when the work is done, or even before it is done? You are not alone. This article aims to set out briefly some of the common copyright disputes that arise,… Read More