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Fair Work Commission Anti-Bullying Orders Explained

The Fair Work Commission has powers to make anti-bullying orders when a worker has been bullied by an individual or group and there is a risk that the worker will continue to endure workplace bullying by the individual or group. The Commission does not have the power to order any monetary compensation – the orders… Read More


Conveyancing Survey Reports – What Are They Good for?

A survey report is commonly requested during conveyancing. It shows the improvements on a parcel of land, as well as the boundaries of the property. This will show where the house, garage, garden shed, and fence sit on the land. It also shows the measurements of improvements on the property. To put it simply, a… Read More

What is a caveat?

How to Protect your Home from Your Ex-Partner

When parties separate, it can be important to make sure that assets are protected before a family law property settlement is formalised. One way that matrimonial assets can be protected is through the lodgment of a caveat. What is a caveat? A caveat is a note that is recorded on the title of a property… Read More

Does your employment contact measure up?

Does your employment contract measure up?

If you are entering into an employment contract, do you know what should be included? If you are an employer and using an old contract, should it be reviewed first? It is clear contracts should be individually structured to meet the needs of those involved and in reality, both employer and employee should seek legal… Read More