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Your Guide to Family law

Your Guide to Family Law

Navigating Family Law matters can often be a complex and onerous task. Etheringtons Solicitors can assist you with a range of Family Law matters, some of which are outlined in this booklet. We answer some of the most common questions posed by Family Law clients and provide a background to various Family Law matters. 


Your Guide to Debt Recovery

Many people will experience some kind of financial hardship in their life. It is important to understand your responsibilities and the obligations of financial providers when you have an outstanding debt that you cannot repay, or a debt you wish to recover from another party.Etheringtons Solicitors can assist you in a range of Debt Recovery matters – whether you are the Debtor (the party owing money) or Creditor (the party to whom money is owed). Download our free guide which answers some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to Debt Recovery. 

Your Guide to Family Provisions Claims

Your Guide to Family Provision Claims

The loss of a family member is a distressing event, but it can become even more difficult to learn that you have not been included in the family member’s Will. 

This booklet answers some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to Family Provision Claims. Family Provision Claims are often complex and it is important that you are guided by an experienced solicitor. 

Your Guide to Selling a Business

Your Guide to Selling a Business 

Selling your business is a major decision and is often accompanied by a lot of emotion and anticipation. The most important thing for business owners who are considering selling their business is to plan. Early preparation will make the process much easier and allow you to have greater control over the sale. Our guide to selling a business will you understand the key areas that will need to be addressed during the planning stage of the sale process.