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Understanding Copyright Law

Understanding Copyright Law

What is Copyright? Copyright is the exclusive right of owners to protect certain creative works from being copied by others without the owners’ permission. What types of work does copyright apply to? Copyright applies to artistic and creative works such as music, sound recording, text (for example, in books, reports and webpages), films, television commercials,… Read More

challenging a will

Challenges to a Will – Sometimes Executors Can Defend a Will

In a recent Supreme Court case, a grandchild challenged his grandfather’s Will. It was considered good law and is still considered good law, that a grandchild can challenge a Will if they have been left out and the estate has not provided for the grandchild’s “proper maintenance, education or advancement in life”. In this recent… Read More

Do I need a will?

Why Do I Need a Will?

Around 50% of Australians do not have a will, but when unexpected events occur, a valid will ensures your children are taken care of, tax is minimized and your estate is distributed in your chosen way. These days, wills are inexpensive and easy to write with the help of a lawyer. So, do I need… Read More

defamation vs free speech

Defamation vs Free Speech

According to Brian Martin, Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Wollongong, the law of defamation hinders free speech and protects powerful people from scrutiny. He actively investigates “suppression of dissent” and writes articles on his findings. In his informative leaflet, Defamation law and free speech, which can be found on his website, he… Read More

Wills & Estates

Why should I have a Will? To ensure your family’s needs are met according to your wishes when you die and avoid leaving confusion behind. Apart from distributing your wealth and assets to family members, a Will can include a range of requests such as providing for children from a previous relationship, providing for children… Read More