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how to protect your assets during a financial crisis

Protecting Your Assets During a Financial Crisis

Disclaimer: The directives in this article relating to the COVID-19 pandemic may no longer be in force. Please use caution if you are citing legislative material from this article as laws are subject to change. We recommend that you seek the most up-to-date law. This article has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is… Read More

changes to modern awards 2020, covid-19

Modern Awards – An Update, June 2020

Several modern awards have been significantly varied by the Fair Work Commission (‘FWC’) to grant businesses and employees temporary measures to preserve the ongoing viability of businesses and jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the unpaid pandemic leave and annual leave flexibility that has varied over 99 awards since 8 April 2020, the… Read More

casual employees leave entitlements and pay

Are Casual Workers Now Entitled to Paid Leave?

The distinction between casual, full-time and part-time workers appears to be relatively straightforward. Casual workers are normally not entitled to paid annual or sick leave. Instead, they are paid casual loading of 25%. Recently, the Full Court of the Federal Court made findings in relation to the characteristics of a casual employee. It is common… Read More

you have not been paid

Using the Security of Payment Regime to Get Paid – Short Cut for Subcontractors

There are payment requirements in the building and construction industry that principals, head contractors, subcontractors and suppliers must follow. These are regulated by the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (the Act). All contractors providing goods or services as part of construction work have the right to receive ‘progress payments’ for work delivered. What… Read More

challenging a will

Challenges to a Will – Sometimes Executors Can Defend a Will

In a recent Supreme Court case, a grandchild challenged his grandfather’s Will. It was considered good law and is still considered good law, that a grandchild can challenge a Will if they have been left out and the estate has not provided for the grandchild’s “proper maintenance, education or advancement in life”. In this recent… Read More