Child support agreements are contractual arrangements between parents or non-parent carers to enable financial support for their children. The Child Support Scheme was introduced by the Australian government in 1998 to ensure the adequacy of court ordered child maintenance. Child support is payable for all children living in Australia (up to the age of 18 years) following separation, regardless of whether the couple were married to each other or not.

Child Support Assessment 

The Department of Human Services can make an assessment for child support based on income tax records and other financial information held by the ATO and the Commonwealth Government. The assessment is a complex formula and will broadly take into account the following:

  • Parents’ income Combined income
  • Time each parent cares for the child Child’s age
  • Living expenses

Child Support Agreements

If parties are able to reach an agreement, then a family lawyer can prepare a binding Child Support Agreement which is registered with the Department of Human Services. The agreement may include a combination of cash payments and non-cash payments (such as health insurance and school fees). There are two types of Child Support Agreements that can be formed depending on your circumstances.

1.  Limited Child Support Agreement

This agreement requires a Child Support Assessment to be undertaken before the Child Support Agency accept the terms of the agreement. A Limited Child Support Agreement is based on the Child Support Assessment, and payments under this agreement must be equal to or more than the what was found to be reasonable by the assessment.

2.  Binding Child Support Agreement

A Binding Child Support Agreement can be entered into between the parties whether a child support assessment was undertaken or not. It can be made for any amount that is mutually agreed upon. However, both parties must obtain independent legal advice from an experienced family lawyer before making or terminating the agreement.

Court Ordered Child Support

A court may make a child maintenance order for children not covered by child support legislation, such as for the maintenance of children from carers who are not eligible for a child support assessment. The Family Law Act regulates the process of enforcing child maintenance orders.

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