Eleni Tsoromokos

Image of Eleni Tsoromokos Family Lawyer

Associate Solicitor – Family Law
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Eleni Tsoromokos is a passionate and pragmatic family lawyer with experience in a wide range of divorce, property settlement, spousal maintenance and child support matters. She has extensive expertise in both parenting and financial matters. In parenting matters, Eleni’s experience ranges from facilitating and negotiating equal or substantial time arrangements to more complex matters such as Hague Convention (international child abduction) applications and child abuse and risk. Eleni also specialises in relocation, alienation and watchlist applications as well as the effect of domestic violence as a factor in family law matters.

In financial matters, Eleni’s expertise spans from modest property pools to complex business structures. She has also managed high asset property pools and complex financial arguments and divisions.

Eleni also has experience in drafting financial agreements, whether prior to, during or after a relationship or marriage, with a particular focus on asset protection and matters of spousal maintenance following a separation or a divorce.

From parenting matters to property negotiations, Eleni takes a client focused approach to family law. She strives to provide thorough and concise advice and values complete transparency with clients as to the trajectory of their matter. Eleni’s overarching goal is to support clients through what can be a very turbulent transition to achieve the best possible outcome for individuals and families post separation.  Eleni achieves this by focusing on each client’s priorities with a view to reaching a tailor-made resolution for each individual family law matter.

Eleni is an advocate for alternative dispute resolution. However, if alternative dispute resolution is not suitable, she has experience representing clients before the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia as well as the Local Courts and Supreme Court of NSW. Eleni also has experience in areas adjacent to family law including Wills and estates and criminal law.

Eleni is fluent in Greek.

On the weekends, she enjoys playing soccer with her local club and relaxing with friends.