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Owners Corporations and Dodgy Builders – Developments in Negligence and Strata Law

The relationship between Owners Corporations and the builders who originally constructed the strata building can be contentious at times, especially where hidden defects in workmanship are affecting the property. What makes this issue challenging in the legal realm, however, is the inability of owners corporations to bring an action for breach of contract, since the… Read More

How to Confront Defamation

Defamation claims have been in the news recently, with Ray Hadley being ordered to pay damages of $280,000 to Mrs. Ahmed, whom he described on the radio as being “vile” and “a grub”. When something is said or written about a person, and that damages their reputation, or damages their business, defamation laws in Australia… Read More

Child Relocation

The rise of globalisation has affected more than just the way in which we conduct business and communicate with others around the world. International relocation is becoming an increasingly common occurrence, with many people and families moving across the globe for business, opportunities and lifestyle changes. But how does this affect the realm of Family… Read More

10 Good Reasons to Obtain a Trade Mark Registration

1. Safety – Before registering, a preliminary identity and similarity search in the trade mark data bases of IP Australia and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) will increase (or almost exclude) any likelihood of confusion, thus being an obstacle to registration or use of your business’ name or logo. 2. Avoid costly expenses –… Read More

Debt & Bankruptcy

How do I recover a debt? The first step to recovering a debt is to issue a letter of demand advising the person or company owing funds (the debtor) that there is outstanding money owed to you and when it should be paid by. If the letter of demand is unsuccessful, the next step is… Read More