Anthony Sangster

Anthony Sangster

Associate Solicitor – Litigation
[email protected]

Anthony is a proficient commercial and litigation lawyer with expertise in civil and criminal procedure.

In civil litigation, Anthony’s expertise encompasses employment law, consumer complaints and commercial contract breaches and disputes. Anthony is well-versed in defamation, negligence and debt recovery matters. He also has extensive experience in family provision claims and estate administration.  Anthony has also represented clients in high-stakes interlocutory and final hearings in the Supreme Court of NSW and NSW Court of Appeal.

In criminal matters, Anthony specialises in cases of trespass, driving offences, destruction of property, assault and AVO defence.

In each of his matters, Anthony demonstrates effective negotiation skills to defend his client’s interests. In complex civil and criminal proceedings, Anthony mitigates risk to his clients by providing strategic advice and sound legal representation. His broad expertise and experience in commercial and litigation matters ensures that he achieves a successful outcome for his clients.

Anthony is fluent in Spanish.

When he is away from the office, Anthony enjoys cooking and playing guitar.