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How to Recover a Debt

If someone owes you money and won’t pay there are strategies you can use to recover the debt. Having an effective method to ensure debts are paid is vital for the longevity of any business, while the right course of action depends on the size of the debt and your ability to prove you are… Read More

Defamation vs Free Speech

According to Brian Martin, Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Wollongong, the law of defamation hinders free speech and protects powerful people from scrutiny. He actively investigates “suppression of dissent” and writes articles on his findings. In his informative leaflet, Defamation law and free speech, which can be found on his website, he… Read More

Making a Child Support Agreement

Numerous measures need to be taken to prevent unnecessary stress for children who are caught in the middle of their parents’ separation. These include organising how both parents are going to provide ongoing financial, emotional and physical support for their children. The Child Support Scheme that was introduced by the Australian government in 1998 to… Read More

Is Litigation Worth It?

The hardest thing about litigation is deciding to do it. However, if someone owes you money or has failed to do as they promised under a contract, is it not important to hold them responsible? Is litigation really that costly? And what happens if we lose the case? All potential litigants need to ask themselves… Read More

Spousal Maintenance: The Facts

Spousal maintenance is a responsibility you or your ex-partner might have to financially support the other person after separation or divorce. It is not automatic and in most cases is only payable where one partner cannot reasonably support themselves and the other person has the capacity to pay maintenance. It can be a series of… Read More